Our Craft Our Story

With a shared vision and a deep appreciation for craft, Tow Tow was started when a leather crafter met a product designer. Together, they bring to life everyday leather goods with a playful twist!

Starting out

"What If We Designed Our Own Hardware?"

Crafting our initial bags, sourcing distinctive hardware was a hurdle. The existing brass options lacked uniqueness, and custom manufacturing was unattainable due to high MOQs. Yet, challenge sparked a creative resolution. The idea emerged: why not create our own hardware?

Our craft refined

Merging digital and analog craftsmanship

Leather goods that are beautiful arm candies, unique enough to turn heads from afar. We translate our personal touch to our leather goods, blending the art of 3D printing with leather craftsmanship. We believe that a bag is not only functional but also playable.

Our Pinky Promise

Build To Last

Durability is in our hearts (and mind). Key areas are thoughtfully finished by skilled hands. The end stitches, where precision and careful knotting matters most. The edge coating, where a precise and coat of edge paint ensures durability. This focus of traditional handcrafting ensures that every Tow Tow bag is both your stylish accessory and a long-lasting companion to your journey.


Getting your order ready!